The article comparing the most popular dithering methods was an inspiration. Initially CPiC was to be a collection of several conversion methods. Concept evolved during programming process, and only one method, based on Floyd-Steinberg algorithm, remained. When programming was in a final stage, SymbOS - new CPC system appeared. The new system offered video support, thus CPiC gained an additional library for video manipulating. The first public release supports, besides mentioned SymbOS' video format, SymbOS graphics (CPC and MSX), all standard CPC modes and overscaning.

The initial version (1.0) was released in 2006 and landed on cpcarea.pl. Only one update, fixing bugs with MSX SGX format, has been released. Program development stopped when the updated version's source code gone forever along with damaged HDD.
CPiC new life began in 2018 when another frozen project - MOVEIT! game - has been rebooted.
Currently, you can download only the first version. Newest CPiC version is planned to release shortly after MOVEIT!

Supported input image formats
Format CPiC version
JPG 1.0
BMP 1.0
GIF 1.1
PNG 1.2*
*planned feature
Supported input video formats
Format CPiC version
All supported by codec 1.2**
* recognised by extension ** 'open as video' option